{this moment}

mystic aquarium

sunset walk


Joining Soule Mama this week, sharing {this moment}…but it was such a fabulous week, I just had to share two.

I’ve invested more of my creative energy into taking photos, and less into writing this week.  Hopefully, it will balance out and be back to sharing both next week.


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I like writing. I like photography. I am an amateur at both, but that makes this adventure all the more exciting.

12 thoughts on “{this moment}”

    1. He’s actually a beluga whale. And he was posing…being very silly, engaging and entertaining for his audience. (But I had never heard of a dugong, so I had to look it up–and learned something new. 🙂 So thank you!)

  1. Great shots! It’s interesting to me that you’re from the NW, but now you’re happy in the Northeast. I’m a life long NW girl and I’ve never been to the east coast, although I’ve heard it’s beautiful.

    1. Angela,
      Thank you! I was born and raised in Northern California, but love (!!!) the Northwest and lived in Seattle for a short stint. The Northeast is very different: culturally and in it’s climate. But it is very beautiful. I especially love the areas with rolling hills and old farmhouses. There are things to love (and not) about each place. As with much of life, it is all about perspective. For this CA girl, the winters tend to feel long and heavy, but spring, summer, and fall are absolutely spectacular!

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